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Freestyle Glider Double Feature

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Specification:A revolutionary exercise device that can perform 11 movements of 10 different basic movements coupled with a movement of a treadmill with just one tool. This tool can be used for aerobics, performing various styles of exercises for toning and shaping your body, burn fat / calories and stretching.

Freestyle Glider Double Feature is equipped with measuring instruments and heart rate functions that can be used treadmill exercise on foot without having to leave the house. Enough with this tool we can exercise accompanied by a family at home. With this tool we can also exercise with fun, without hurting your knees, joints and back. This tool can train the heart, build muscle in the body and tighten the parts of any desired such as hands, chest, shoulders, arms, back, biceps, waist, buttocks, thighs and calves.

In order to live healthier than eating a healthy diet should also exercise regularly. Freestyle Glider Double Feature can be used while watching TV in the house and exercise in the yard.

Excellence Freestyle Glider Double Feature:
1. Equipped with CD Instruction Freestyle Glider
2. Equipped with a guidebook diet.
3. Equipped with a heart rate measuring device
4. Withstand loads up to 150 Kg
5. Easily foldable, practical

Function Freestyle Glider Double Feature:

1. 10 kinds of training / treadmill motion motion plus a total of 11 movements in 1 tool.
2. Patented Range of Motion ( the more the muscles are trained more and a little practice is required)
3. There are no ill side effects on persendiaan
4. Proven weight loss and body shaping

11 different movements / exercises that can be done with the Freestyle Glider Double Feature
1. Stretching
2. Walking / Jogging
3. Sprinting
4. Squeezing ( chest, hip, calf)
5. Lean forward ( chest, shoulders, triceps)
6. Back forward ( back, biceps, waist)
7. Inner / outher thigh ( inner thighs, outer thighs)
8. Swing
9. Total body
10. 60 second challenge trubo
11. Treadmill

CP: Lutfi Abu Handis Albana / 085 7272 575 88 ( call / sms)
Jl. No paradise. 119 Lor Mancasan Condongcatur Depok Sleman Yogyakarta

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Lutfi Abu Handis [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: young_javanesse Y!: young_javanesse
Mobile Number:085727257588
Phone Number:085727257588
Address:Jl. Cendrawasih No. 119 Mancasan Lor Condong catur Depok
Sleman 55283, Yogyakarta

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